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One of my most challenging projects.

The client's request: “Build me a web app that will unify and categorize all cloud files.” Only an idea. No features, no plans.

So I knew that I should start writing, not designing. First thing - I've drafted the product goals, the use cases, and the H cases, to create a clear picture of the product and to set the client's expectations.

After several meetings and Skype calls, we agreed on the minimum viable product (MVP), and I got the go-ahead to start building.

I always get a project off the ground by preparing the wireframes for the product's main pages. I make sure the clients know the wireframes are just for structure and flow. This way, they're informed that the wireframes colors, fonts, dividers are intermediate elements of the website.

List page

The central challenge on the list page was to display all the interactions that the user has with a file.

I'm not a big fan of hidden menus. But after conducting user studies, we discovered that on this particular interaction, the bullet menu is a popular pattern among our user

Another plus was that this way, we weren't crowding the page with lots of decisions and actions for the users to make.

User profiles

The entire project has 46 pages and a lot of micro-interactions. Below, you have the highly important ones:

User profile page
Search bar interaction
Thumbnail photo preview
Big photo preview